Remember everyone’s “pandemic projects”? Maybe you’ve already repressed the time in your life when we all learned we were going to be inside for… a while. But, at the onset of the pandemic, many people decided to make do with extra time at home by taking on a new goal or hobby. Of course, most people gave up on that novel by day five of lockdown. But some brave souls stuck with their pandemic passion projects—and one of those people, of course, was Ina Garten.

The always-innovative Barefoot Contessa revealed on Instagram this week that her self-assigned project was to renovate her East Hampton home’s kitchen for the first time in 25 years.

“It’s so much fun testing recipes in my new kitchen!” she wrote, noting that this new test kitchen includes an updated “dream pantry” and a coveted Lacanche stove. And, as is typical of Barefoot Contessa fans, the internet ate this news up.

House Beautiful’s own TikTok reveal of the news racked up 18.2k views, with fans flooding into the comments to gush over Garten’s home decor taste. (And, of course, to ogle over the Lacanche’s price tag—which reportedly goes for $17,550, according to The Independent.)

“If you don’t have a $200,000 stove, store bought is fine,” one TikToker commented, referring to Garten’s meme-ified line.

“How fabulous is that?” another fan commented, referencing yet another one of Garten’s iconic catchphrases. Of course, other die-hards were quick to correctly call out in the comments that Garten renovated her home kitchen, not her barn kitchen, which House Beautiful posted a follow-up TikTok about.

Garten’s own Instagram post received plenty of reactions in the comments as well. “I tried to sell my soul to the devil for one of those stoves....he wasn't taking any offers,” one commenter joked about the Lacanche. “Zooming in on the cookbooks,” wrote another.

Though many of us might not be able to recreate Garten’s incredible new kitchen, the beloved TV host is always serving us up inspiration. In Ina we trust.

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