From schnitzel and katsu to chicken Kiev, breaded and pan-fried cutlets abound throughout the world. Retro chicken cordon bleu—stuffed with melty Alpine cheese and ham—is one of the more lavish of the bunch, and while origin stories set the dish’s roots deep in the Swiss Alps, its popularity spread widely through the 20th century, so much so that subpar versions became the stuff of American TV dinners for decades. In Paris these days, both fresh and frozen cordon bleu is a convenient comfort, readily available from casual restaurants, neighborhood charcuteries, and even the frozen food emporium, Picard

At Pigalle’s hip and elegant Restaurant Rochechouart, Naples-born chef de cuisine Luigi Bianco serves his own zesty and elegant take on chicken cordon bleu. “It’s a French classic—comforting and simple—that immediately brings us back to our childhood.” Layered with Comté and jambon de Paris, paired with cornichon-studded sauce gribiche, and finished with sumac and lemon zest that brighten the rich and salty cutlets, Bianco’s recipe is at once modern and familiar. 

Jambon de Paris is similar to the unsweetened deli-style ham available throughout the States. Comté—a firm, mountain-style melting cheese from the Jura—is nutty, fruity, and complex. Look for the exceptional Marcel Petite brand in U.S. cheese shops and specialty markets. (If you can’t find Comté, Gruyère is a similar and suitable substitute.) At Rochechouart, Bianco pairs the cutlets with a simple fresh salad, but for a heartier meal, he suggests adding an extra green vegetable like broccoli, green beans, or snow peas, or a starchy side such as sautéed potatoes or fries. 

And for busy home cooks drawn to the appeal of a freezer version? “All of it can be prepared ahead of time, for those who don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen,” he explains. Prepare the cutlets through step two, then freeze on a baking sheet in a single layer. If cooking the cordon bleu out of the freezer, adjust the cook temp to medium-low and increase the time on the stove to 20 to 25 minutes.

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